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High-speed photography is the science of taking pictures of rapidly occurring events. In common usage, high speed photography refers to a series of pictures taken at a high sampling frequency or frame rate which requires some means of capturing successive frames, either with a mechanical device or by reading data from electronic sensors very quickly.

A high-speed camera is a device used for recording fast moving objects as photographic images onto a storage medium. After recording, the images stored on the medium can be played back in slow motion. Early high-speed cameras used film to record high-speed events, but today high-speed cameras are entirely electronic, typically recording over 1000 frames per second. The fastest cameras are generally used in scientific research, military testing and evaluation, and industry. Examples of industrial applications are filming a manufacturing line in order to perfect machinery, or when car makers film crash tests so they can closely observe what happens to the automobile and passengers during an accident.

High-speed cameras are often used in the production of TV commercials. They allow products and effects to be shown in slow motion. TV commercials which focus on food and related special effects is a specialization called Table Top. These cameras are very technologically advanced and require considerable experience in lighting and in the proper use of lenses. Consequently, in Table Top production, the know-how and ability of the director are very important.