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Our team is
here to inspire you

Our highly experienced personnel and dedication to perfection make Ardaco one of the leading table top teams in Europe.

From pre-production to studio shooting, we bring specialized knowledge to each of our projects thanks to our skills in special effect, directing and photography.

Further more, our long-standing experience is working with the most knowledgeable food stylists allows us to handle every detail of the process.

We provide full support to our model makers in order to achieve the most appetizing mock-ups imagineable.

Director and DOP Trio Mario, Enzo and Giorgio have been working together for more than 10 years as a unified team in the world of table top.

Together, they are masters of lighting, sfx and all technical aspects of table top filming.

The beauty of our work is based on impressive macro shots, perfect lighting and choreography of individual element.

We are meticulous in pre-production and during the shooting as well.

We have collaborated with many clients such as Coca Cola, Nestlè, Danone, Kellog’s, Bimbo and Unilever in countries all over the world including Mexico, India, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Greece and Germany.

We are always ready to work and are fully capable of innovating finding inspiration in all the extraordinary details.

Ardaco means experience, research and reliability.

We know the details make the difference.

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